Coal Chamber

Sevendust, Lacuna Coil

Warehouse Live, 26/04/13

Metal, Industrial metal, Alt metal, Goth rock


Houston Texans go "loco" for Coal Chamber:

As solid as they are freakish, this four piece ensemble of Dez FaFara - vocals, Meegs Rascon - guitar, Chela Rhea Harper - bass, and Mike Cox - drums is abundantly more than you would expect. They have built a cult following of adolescent punk rockers to middle-aged industrial metalheads. Although the band hasn't released an album since 2004, you would never know it by the remembrance of the lyrics from everyone in the room. The music toys respectively with elements of punk, industrial, and the heaviest of nu metal. Dez FaFara is brillant at delivering his message. This man is not only there to have fun, he's in it because he has something to say, and the crowd worships him. Opening the show with their hit "Loco", you could feel the air thicken in the room. FaFara casts his spell and the room begins to jump. I looked over to my left, and I saw a twenty-something, young woman crying out "I love you" as FaFara shouted at the crowd "Make some fuckin' noise!" The charismatic hero continues to issue engaging, incisive lyrics to which the crowd follows along. But conceptually, he's onto something savage. It's raw, uncut, and delivered with respect to his audience.

Coal Chamber will be performing Rock Am Ring 2013, and on Nova Rock Festival 2013. -- Angela Domaingue

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