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Beerland, 15/06/13

Metal, Death metal


Morgengrau at Beerland, Austin, Texas - June 15th 2013

Birthed in July, 2010, in Austin, Texas, lives a four piece ensemble called Morgengrau. Erika Morgengrau, guitars and vocals; Nick Norris, guitars; Jacob Holmes, bass and backing vocals; and Reba Carls; drums and backing vocals, are in your face, tough as nails, metal. Unlike most death metal bands, this menacingly growling, wailing group is fronted by a strikingly attractive woman. But don't get it twisted, she exhibits all the strength of a lioness, hunting her prey. Influenced by bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Morgengrau shares a constant rhythm with the heaviest of the heavy death metal bands. Their music brings out every element of darkness you have inside you, ripping your guts out while you attempt to sing along. Erika is the only non-Texan member of the band, and started out singing neoclassical for the group Autumn Tears out of Boston, Massachusetts in 1995. After that, she played in heavier projects, including even an Iron Maiden tribute band, Drifter. Morgengrau's latest release, Extrinsic Pathway, dropped for on-line sales on April 2, 2013. It grabs you up, whacks you around a bit, and hurls you across the room. You begin a journey marking the end of time, into a slumber of blood-filled darkness. It is riddled with brutal riffs and chord progressions all the way through, climbing the edges of sanity. -- Angela Domaingue

[Morgengrau picture by Christopher Stokely]

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