Valient Thorr

Fitzgerald's, 28/06/13

Νέα rock/pop, Metal, Stoner rock, Hard rock


Valient Thorr Crushes Houston (Fitzgerald's - June 28th 2013)

Bombarding you with vigorous force of oxen, Valient Thorr are every bit the name that represents them. Formed in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA, in 2001, Valient Thorr consists of Valient Thorr Himself, vocals; Edan Thorr, guitars; Dr. Professor Nitewolf Strangees, bass; Sadat Thorr, guitars; and Lucian Thorr, drums. Signed to Volcom since 2005, their eighth studio album, Our Own Masters, dropped June 18, 2013. I crashed their Houston show on June 28th. Looking like Hell's Angel's when they came out, I wondered if I were at a Lynyrd Skynyrd reunion, rather than a thrashin' rock'n'roll show. I really hadn't a clue what I was in for. Killer riffs, insane chord progressions, monstrous breakdowns, drums pounding with prehistoric resonance, and vocals that kill with the strength of twelve men, they exhibit all the power of warriors, much like the Kings born under the stars. But don't let the mythology fool you. These guys are for real. Valient Thorr Himself wears his iconic wrestling boots, pants, and no shirt. But in my opinion, what put it all together was the "hipster" white belt, on purpose, no doubt. I kept thinking any minute I'd see a 10-foot suplecs. Riddled in the crowd, I saw the Thorriors (kids that make their own paraphernalia that they wear religiously, as they follow Thorr from show to show). Considering Valient Thorr averages 250 shows a year, I'd call that dedication. Yes, I said 250 shows a year. These guys are one of the hardest working bands around. I recommend you check 'em out. -- Angela Domaingue

Photos by Violeta Alvarez

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