Fitzgerald's, 23/08/13

Metal, Hard rock


Another doom band you say? Well, I am here to tell ya, this one has got it going on. Keeping with rock'n'roll tradition, Mothership crushes you to the core! They took me to Utopia & back with pounding rhythm work, solid vocals & wrenching guitar solos that brought me to my knees. They have an infectious groove that can't be denied. Hailing from Dallas, Texas, with a lineup of Kyle Juett on bass and vocals, Kelley Juett on guitar and Judge Smith on drums, this trio has the sounds of a five piece rather than the three piece they are. Kelley Juett rips it up like a rock god. Owning the stage at times with mannerisms like Angus Young, he shines with his bluesy, yet slaughtering guitar solos. This kid knows how to take you to that stony place we love to be. Originally released in 2012, their self-titled debut album was released on January 17th 2013 with Ripple Music. I dug all the songs from Mothership, but I guess if I had to choose a favorite, it'd be "Win or Lose", and I think these guys are a definite win. Buy the record, check 'em out.

Mothership will begin their North American tour September 13, 2013. -- Angela Domaingue


Photos by Violeta Alvarez

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